A Photography Newsletter

Issue 6 – November 2021 - Issue Six: One great thing about in-person learning, is the ability to do things as a group! Photo Field Trips foster collaboration and bonding while students explore new places to photograph. Issue Six shares some images from our most recent excursions to local nature venues. 

Issue 5 - September 2021 - Issue Five: We're back and celebrating some of what's been going on in IB Visual Art (IBVA). While not exclusively a photo class, IBVA students investigate the beauty and power of the magic medium of photography. Please enjoy some of their accomplishments!

Issue 4 - February 2019 - Issue Four: It’s been a few months since our last issue so we’d like to update you on the accomplishments of our AP 2D Design class. We’re using this 4th edition to celebrate the creative chances they’ve been taking to push past their comfort-zones and make some impressive advances in their art!

Issue 3 - November 2018 - Issue Three: Our third edition calls attention to Beginner Photography students in Studio Photography. They collaborated and took creative chances while learning how to light and photograph their subjects, in a portrait lighting studio.

Issue 2 - October 2018 - Issue Two: Our second edition celebrates the creative problem solving and perseverance of my Advanced Photography students in Pinhole Photography.

Issue 1 - September 2018 - Inaugural Issue: Our first edition celebrates the collaborative efforts of all my 2018 beginner photography students, particularly during our Strobe unit last spring.