Policy Review

Policy Review and Compliance

Policy Review and Compliance
As part of the 2020-21 District goals, the Board of Education will be reviewing the following policies this school year:

To review these policies as well as the entire Board of Education Policy Manual, CLICK HERE 

Policy #   Policy Name Date: Reading/Revision Adopted Date
6700/6700R Purchasing 3/26/20, 11/5/20 12/17/20
4340 Community Education Instructors 11/19/20 12/17/20
1900 Parent of Family Engagement 12/17/20 TBD
8115 Pesticides and Management 12/17/20 TBD
8332 District Owned Cell Phones 12/17/20 TBD
8635 Info Security Breach Notification 12/17/20 TBD