Math & Science

students with science googles doing a project

Ms. Amy DiMeola

Math & Science Teacher Leader


Our world is in a constant state of change, and we modify our environment to meet their evolving needs and wants.  With technology developing more rapidly than ever before, our program aims to develop students as innovators who can analyze and problem solve.  Using a variety of tools, from hand tools to large machinery and from computer software to 3D printers, our students become technologically literate, and use technology as a vehicle to solve problems that they define and discover in the world around them.

In sixth and seventh grade, all students receive one 8-week cycle of Technology class, where they grow their understanding of materials processing (using tools and machines to work with and adapt materials such as wood, plastics, and metals).  Through exploration and discovery, students in our technology classes learn that there are multiple solutions to a single problem.  We use an exploratory approach in all that we do, thereby cultivating independence.

In 8th grade, we offer 10-week electives aligned to the Project Lead the Way curriculum.  All of our technology courses adhere to the International Technology Education Association Standards for Technological Literacy.