(ENL) Program

English as a New Language ENL Program

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English as a New Language (ENL) Program

Ms. Ana Aguiar-Mady

Director of World Languages and ENL



The mission of the North Shore Schools English as a New Language (ENL) Program is to provide our students with everything they need for success. We believe that language learning is a process and that all students deserve equitable access to the content of their classes. 

Our English Language Learners (ELLs) are given rich learning experiences that promote English language acquisition and literacy development. Through co-taught classes and ENL stand-alones, our highly qualified ENL teachers work closely with content area teachers to provide students with an effective and engaging curriculum that is tailored to target specific aspects of English language learning. 

In our individualized program, English Language Learners are given ENL support in all content areas when possible and appropriate for the learner’s needs. For more information on New York State’s mandated minutes of service, please see the Units of Study Table. Students are also provided testing accommodations in line with New York State regulations

It is our great pleasure to work with students who are learning English as an additional language. They amaze us every day!