Felicidades! 97 NS High School Students Inducted into Foreign Language Honor Society

Congratulations to all of the North Shore High School students who were inducted into the Foreign Language Honor Society. LOTE teacher Steven Burgos said “It is a great honor to welcome you all to the 2016 World Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony.  Tonight we are here to celebrate an important accomplishment that not all students are able to achieve. The students sitting here tonight not only decided to continue studying a language for two additional years past the requirement, but they have also stood out by maintaining an excellent GPA and have promised to dedicate their own time to spread their love for their language. Right now we have the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the hard work, consistent effort, positive character and attitudes, constant studying, and overall commitment of our students to World Languages.”

Congratulations go out to the following students including Chloe Bulbin, Malena George,
Andrew Kahn, Olivia Knox, Mark Kornfeld, Laurette Lisena, Molly Morrissey, Katherine Murray, Jacqueline Thoet, John Alfarone, Paige Barwick, Michael Bolowsky, Julianna Broccolo, Cameron Capello, Nicholas Cristofari, Jessica Daley, Julia Fletcher, Daniel Floccari, Elena Forsander, Jessica Gianfortune, Matthew Granelli, Liam Kiggins, Takuya Kolbert, Christopher Lau, Kristen Lennon, Nicholas Liotta, John Magliocco Jr., Nicholas Patrichuk, Nicole Preuss, Sarah Russo, Olivia Sasso, Jonathan Saulle, Danielle Scheu, Jake Silver, Gena Vineis, Erica Zeppieri, Alexandros Drivas, Caitlin Hurley, Quinn Lacy, Caroline Lucas, Nicholas Rubertone, Michael Russo, Brittany Seipp, John D. Vogel, Dylan Welch, Matthew Zapken, Donald Ahrens, Carson Albrecht, Erika Beyer, Ethan
Bradford, Ashley Burns, David Cabrera, Kate Carraro, Jillian Ciotoli, Celeste Costello, Charlotte DeMartini, Lauren DeMayo, Brooke Demetri, Olivia DerGarabedian, Thomas Doran, Zoe Eisenstein, Kathryn Feehan, Olivia P. Fortich, Adam Fuentes, Brandon Gaynor, Jagger Gillman, Aurelie Guss, Melisa Gutierrez, Christina Jud, Natalie Kimmel, Kaitlyn Kopetic, William Laderer, Madeline Leto, Sarah Leventhal, Nicholas Liounis, Vasilios Livanos, Kimberly Marchese, Melina Mehdizadeh, Diana Miller, Anne O'Brien, Ryan O'Day, Lauren Perez, Dorian Pietraru, Alexandra Reiner, Jordyn Rivera, Justin Rivera, Ross Rubin, Hayden Scala, Cassandra Schatz, Jessica Scuderi, Ashleigh Sheerin, Rajan Vohra, Jessica Weil, Jenna Whalen, Rebecca Winski, Sang Muk Yun, and Elizabeth Zarb.

To be inducted, these students have maintained a minimum GPA of a 90 in 3 years of language study, are currently enrolled in that same language (as a senior), and demonstrate the highest standards of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship throughout the course of their studies here at North Shore High School. We are very proud of our students' accomplishments.

Mr. Burgos added, “The students in front of us tonight have accomplished much more than creating endless vocab sets in quizlet, stacks of index cards with English or definitions on one side and another language on the other, impressive presentations and dialogues, audio recordings, challenging translations, videos, posters, great grades, and projects. These students have proved that they care so much about something so important that they see valuable to their future for various reasons. They are ready to move on to their next stage of life after this year and use what they learned in their language class about both language and culture to make a positive impact as effective communicators and global citizens. We are all so proud of you.

Special thanks go out to all of the teachers in the LOTE department at North Shore High School and Assistant Principal Dr. Kevin Kurrus. It was a memorable Foreign Language Honor Society Induction Ceremony for all of those in attendance including proud family, friends, and faculty members. Congratulations to all!

Article by Shelly Newman with assistance from LOTE teacher Steven Burgos
(LOTE stands for Language other than English) Photos by Adrienne Daley