Art Honor Society

34 Members Inducted into First Annual National Art Honor Society

On Thursday, October 13th, 2016, we celebrated the induction of 34 members into North Shore High School’s First Ever National Art Honor Society.

The National Art Honor Society was started in 1978 by the National Art Education Association.  Its purpose is to recognize students who demonstrate outstanding ability and interest in the visual arts. Members are committed to making the visual arts more visible in their school and community.
Art Teacher, Elissa Theiss said, “The students who were inducted into the National Art Honor Society have demonstrated their commitment and dedication to the arts through the completion of Studio Art as well as one upper level art class with a grade of 90 or above. They are currently enrolled in at least one additional art class.”

She added, “This incredible group of students exhibit a desire to develop and challenge themselves through creating and learning about the visual arts. They will help bring their passion and commitment to the visual arts outside of the high school by becoming involved in arts-related service projects throughout the district and in the local community. We are so excited to see what these students are able to create when they combine all of their artistic energy and vision together!” 

Guest Speaker, Kathleen DiResta, a resident and business owner in Sea Cliff, inspired the students with her words and her art. Kathleen is not only an incredible artist, she is also a powerful voice within the local art community. She understands the amazing things that can happen when you bring a community of artists together. Kathleen is also chair of the Sea Cliff Arts Council which organizes art exhibits and musical showcases around Sea Cliff, in effort to keep the arts alive and active in the community.

The NSHS National Art Honor Society Members include Mia Alonso, Lauren Basile, Danielle Bleiweiss, Ashley Burns, Julie Colon, Olivia DerGarabedian, Diana Espinoza,  Melisa Gutierrez, Emma Hert, Caitlin Hurley, Alexandra Johanson, Riley Keenan,Julia Lanotte, Kelly Lavin, Clare Lewis, Ashley McNeur, Dorian Munaco, Margaret Murphy, Emma Naddell, Sabrina Nelson,  Meaghan Papiro, Mia Papiro, Matthew Robertson, Nicoletta Royal, Brittany Seipp, Georgia Solomos, Stavroula Solomos, Carly Spallone, Emily Sturges, Aleesa Tasayco, Elma Thorarinsson, Megan Tornatore, Alexia Troia and Erica Zeppieri.

Article provided by art teacher Elissa Theiss and photo provided by art teacher Lynn Johnson