Sea Cliff Kindergarten Family Culmination

At Sea Cliff School, kindergarteners had an interdisciplinary culmination combining lessons in art, music, English, and World Languages as they ended their extensive Family study on January 20, 2023. Teacher Ms. Amie Roberts said, “Our kindergarteners worked hard throughout this unit to learn What a family is?, What makes a family special?, How families care for and help each other?, What families do together?, and maybe most importantly, How all families look different but they all love each other and enjoy spending time together?”  Thank you to all the families and students for all the homework you completed to support and be a part of our culmination including making family trees and sending in notes on how each child helps their family.”

“Our students are all working so hard!” said Interim Principal Ms. Megan McCormack. “Friday morning at the Family culmination, parents and family members joined their children in the auditorium as students sang songs and shared poems. Proud family members were able to visit the kindergarten classrooms to see their child’s work. It was such a special way to start the day! Thank you to our incredible teachers who made this event possible!”

Congratulations to all!

Article written with assistance by Teacher Amie Roberts. Photos by Shelly Newman