NS Counseling Department Partners with HS PTO to Host the Annual PTO Alumni Roundtable
On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the North Shore Counseling Department partnered with the PTO to host the annual PTO Alumni Roundtable. North Shore alumni returned to speak to the Class of 2023 about their transition to college.

Current seniors Maggie LePorin and Samantha Lockwood helped Director of Counseling, Dan Doherty, moderate the panel. The North Shore alums participated in beneficial conversation sharing time management strategies, advice on choosing a college, experiences with roommates, how to get involved on a college campus, and tips for a successful transition. A theme that emerged throughout the conversation was that while the process is stressful while you are in it, there is a college out there for everyone. Some that were not accepted at their first choice were very happy where they landed. That evening the panel returned to speak to parents about their experiences. Director of Counseling, Dan Doherty, said the following, “North Shore really produces some amazing young people. It was so impressive to hear the alumni provide such insightful, honest, and valuable advice to our students and parents.” 

The following alumni participated in this event sponsored by the PTO: Amanda Ayres, Providence (Class of 2022), Atticus Barlett, University of Tampa (Class of 2022), Jack D’Alessandro, University of Delaware (Class of 2022), Katie Ditrano, Providence (Class of 2022), Kate Gilliam, Harvard University (Class of 2022), Noah Glickman, University of Massachusetts (Class of 2022), Izzy Glennon, Dartmouth College (Class of 2018), Jack Kenny, Binghamton (Class of 2022), Kristen Reid, SUNY Cortland (Class of 2018), Michael Riccardo, Manhattan College, (Class of 2022), Matt Rodriguez, Hofstra University (Class of 2022).

Thank you to the HS PTO, HS Counseling Department, and all of the North Shore alums for participating in this amazing informational event.    
Article and photos submitted by Director of Counseling, Mr. Dan Doherty