Newsday Covers


North Shore High School Graphic Design Students Create Newsday Covers (ALL COVERS BELOW)

North Shore High School students in Ms. Laura Green’s Graphic Design class were asked, “What is Editorial Illustration?” In December, they learned that editorial illustrations are produced for newspapers, magazines, and websites to add a visual dimension to a piece of writing. Additionally, they serve two main purposes: they help to grab the attention of the reader as they browse the publication but can also help to add a new perspective to the article.

“The process to create editorial illustrations begins with reading an article, noting keywords, brainstorming, and coming up with several detailed sketches,” said Ms. Green. She added, “You have probably seen the work of these illustrators thousands of times without even realizing it. From your favorite magazines to a local newspaper, editorial illustrators create artwork for both print and online media on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.”

Ms. Green’s Graphic Design class students were asked to create their own Newsday Covers. The class included Leen Alsadoon, Dylan Collins, Kiera Denley, Alan Gurfinkel, Mackenzie Hannon, Rishi Malhotra, Warren Mei, Jade Nyffler, Sophie Quentzel, Anna Ramnarain, Glenn Snow, Bianca Villacis, and Ava Winter. They each began the project by sketching out their ideas, creating thumbnail sketches, and then finalizing a detailed sketch before moving onto the digital platform Adobe Illustrator to complete the piece.

“I learned how art needs to be arranged in order to catch a person’s eye in an ad or newspaper,” said student Ava Winter. “I worked fully in Adobe Illustrator which I learned last year to create my cover design and various impactful typefaces.”

High School Senior Kiera Denley said, “I took this class for fun, but I realized how much I enjoy graphic design and I may pursue it further in college.”

Ms. Laura Green concluded by saying, “I am so proud of the innovative work my students are doing and I am impressed by the way they ‘bought into the creative process’ by designing and problem-solving this real-life project