8th Graders Participate in North Shore History Day
On January 12, 2023, eighth graders participated in North Shore History Day in the Middle School Library. This year’s History Day theme was Frontiers in History. Students spent several weeks in class reading and researching their self-selected United States history topic connected to the History Day theme. Students then selected a project type to communicate their learning. Some topics included The Frontier of Nuclear Warfare, The Frontier of Labor Laws in America, Frontiers in Diplomacy, and a New Frontier for Women – just to name a few! 

Secondary Humanities Director, Mr. Seth Gordon said, “Our students created exhibits, websites, papers, documentaries and even their own performances to showcase their learning and exceptional talents. We were truly impressed by the commitment each student made to develop a thoughtful and original project”.  

To create an authentic audience, many judges were invited to view student projects and speak with students throughout History Day. Teachers and administrators throughout the district joined the celebration of learning as judges for the in-house competition as well as high school students! In addition, many remarked at the sophistication of student research and depth of student knowledge.
Mr. Gordon concluded by saying, “All students were winners on this day as the research and learning was inspirational. For the individual category winners, they will be invited to participate in the local history day competition at Hofstra University on March 26, 2023. A special thank you to all the teachers, judges, parents and students that helped make History Day a memorable experience!”

Article written with assistance from Secondary Humanities Director, Seth Gordon 
Photos by Shelly Newman