Perfect Score!



1st Time in North Shore History Varsity Bowler Rolls a Perfect Score!

Congratulations go out to Matt Nochowitz, a senior on the Viking Varsity Boy’s Bowling team who rolled a perfect score! Coach Brian Rodahan said, “Matt’s dedication to improving his game extends to not just bowling, but to soccer, baseball, and his academics. Matt is the only one in Nassau County who achieved a 300 this year, and I believe the only one who ever got a 300 at the North Shore Schools. I am so proud that he was able to achieve this feat in his last match of the year in front of his parents, family, and friends. With everyone in attendance, it made this event so much more memorable.” He added, “There are 38 lanes and all of them (approximately 200 people) stopped in total silence as Matt went up to bowl his perfect score!”

Please see the link below to watch Matt Nochowitz roll a 300 on January 18, 2023:


Matt said, “I wasn’t nervous until the ninth frame when the realization started to sink in. As I started my 10th frame, I wanted to stick to my same routine and not change anything -- no deep breadth or pause. I was excited as I picked up my ball, cleaned it with a rag, set my feet in my stance and rolled… I knew when I let the ball go, that it was a strike and heard the crowd go wild!”

Coach Rodahan concluded by saying, “Matt is an athlete who exemplifies what a captain should be - persistent, competitive, supportive to every athlete either on our team or other. He has been on the Varsity Boys bowling team for the last four years. Congrats to this young man’s achievement! I can’t wait to see what Matt will accomplish in his college years at SUNY Cortland and beyond.”