Glen Head Second Graders Take Virtual Trip to China

Glen Head second grade Mandarin students have been preparing for their virtual trip to China since school began in September. The trip is the big final project that showcases their learnings this school year. Mandarin students made their own suitcase; they used different country flags to decorate their suitcase; they made their own flight ticket; they finished their passport; they packed up their clothing; and they learned all the Mandarin words that they needed to travel to China.

On January 10, 2023, one of the 2nd grade classes flew with Ms. Cai (Mandarin teacher and flight attendant from Air China), and their virtual flight successfully landed in Beijing, China! Students were able to find their own seats, fasten their seat belts, follow safety guidelines, and fly into the sky!

When they were up in the air, Ms. Cai served refreshments, such as water, milk, apple juice, grape juice, and coca cola. Students ordered their drinks in Mandarin. In addition, they even experienced some slight turbulence up in the sky but made it through! 

Food was also served, including pretend hamburgers, sandwiches, rice, and dumplings. Students also used Mandarin to order their main course. After 13 hours of flying, the virtual plane successfully landed in the airport of Beijing, China to a round of applause!

Ms. Cai said, “On the flight my students learned about the main cities in China including Xi’an, Sichuan Province, and Beijing. They made sure to take all of their belongings upon departure of the plane. We will start our exploration in China in the following Mandarin classes!”

Article provided by Ms. Jingwen Cai, Mandarin Teacher

 Photos by Shelly Newman