Garden to Cafeteria


“Garden to Cafeteria” Tastings at Sea Cliff School

The Sea Cliff School (SCS) organic garden organizers have been attempting to have their harvest served to the K-5 students and faculty since its first day in existence. Ms. Mojdeh Hassani, a teacher at SCS who is responsible for collaborating with the faculty to bring the garden offerings to the SC children said, “This year we have been very lucky to work together with Mr. Alan Levin, the Director of the North Shore School District Lunch Program, who has been creating small tastings for our Sea Cliff students to try alongside their regular lunch.”

“The organic garden organizers have also been collaborating with different teachers to align curriculum with our plantings and this ‘Garden to Cafeteria’ endeavor,” stated Ms. Hassani. “We have been happily working with our Mandarin teacher, Laoshi Schultz, for a few years and have planted one bed of Asian greens. Additionally, our students have been joyfully embracing the Mandarin vocabulary, participating in southeast Asian geography lessons, and studying cultural exposure of the region.”

The first “Garden to Cafeteria” tasting occurred last week with the harvest of Bachana cabbage that was turned into a delicious slaw by Mr. Levin. Today, on Friday, September 16th, students, faculty, staff, along with Interim Principal Ms. Megan McCormack tried the Prize Choy and apple salad with a tamari and lemon dressing. In addition, Sea Cliff students in Ms. Hild’s class with Ms. Hassani visited Superintendent Dr. Christopher Zublionis in the Central Office and happily brought him samples of the Prize Choy! Not only did Dr. Z. love talking with the SC students but he enjoyed the tasty Prize Choy and apple salad from the SCS organic garden!

Ms. Hassani concluded by saying " A garden plants happiness for all who are exposed to it and that is what we are accomplishing in our magical school! We will attempt more tastings in the upcoming weeks and can't wait to see what Mr. Levin has planned for us.”

Article written with assistance from Ms. Mojdeh Hassani Photos by Shelly Newman