Passing the Torch


Passing the Torch at Glen Head Elementary School

Students, faculty and staff at Glen Head Elementary School gathered together outside on the blacktop for their annual Convocation Ceremony where a torch is passed from fifth graders to a new generation of kindergarteners – who just happen to be their siblings! This signifies a tradition of welcome at Glen Head Elementary School. 

At the morning assembly, Principal Dr. Peter Rufa greeted his students, faculty and staff to another exciting year at Glen Head School. He mentioned how the 2022-23 school-year was going to be even better than last year with lots of learning, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, fun and educational activities, and the ability to make lasting friends!  

During the Convocation Ceremony on September 9, 2022, the Glen Head teachers performed a song called, “I Can Be Me!,” describing their favorite pastimes. Dressed in clothing corresponding to their favorite activity, the faculty acted out their pastimes to the delight of their students in the audience. Some favorites included surfboarding, taking selfies, making balloon animals, traveling, reading, scuba diving, knitting, playing games, and cooking – just to name a few!   

Welcome to a new generation of kindergarteners to Glen Head School. We wish you and all the students, faculty, and staff the best of luck in 2022-23!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman