The Circus Comes to Sea Cliff School

During the week of October 17, 2022, the National Circus Project came to Sea Cliff Elementary School for a week-long event that combined physical fitness with circus fun and proficiency. K-5 students had workshops led by the professionals.

To a thunderous round of applause, Sea Cliff fifth graders took to the stage to perform for all of their K-4 peers on Friday afternoon, 10/21. The circus performance featured the SC fifth graders who balanced on stilts, tossed diablos, spun plates, laughed with the clowns, and juggled into the hearts of all those watching!”

The National Circus Project (NCP) is an innovative cultural arts organization, which promotes student participation in school arts and physical education activities, using “circus” as its theme. The National Circus Project sends teams of internationally acclaimed circus performer/instructors to schools throughout the U.S.A., where they present exciting circus assembly performances, teach circus skills to students as part of their physical education program – including juggling, balancing, plate-spinning, and “devil stick” manipulation. These activities promote hand-eye coordination, concentration, the benefits of discipline and practice, and group skills. A special thank you to the PCA For organizing and sponsoring this event every year with assistance from the physical education teachers!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman