Middle School Unity Day, Oct 19, 2022
Wear Orange for Kindness, Acceptance, and Inclusion
During the month of October, communities nationwide join together to actively participate in National Bullying Prevention Month. Under the direction of North Shore Middle School guidance counselors Ms. Canzoniero, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Finning Flavia Finning, Mr. Dan Doherty (Director of Counseling), Principal Dr. Ryan O’Hara, and Social Worker, Ms. Toni Papetti, students united together by wearing orange and participating in Unity Day on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

North Shore Middle School students not only wore orange but took an oath and talked about anti-bullying themes reminding everyone about the core principles of Unity Day including kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Wearing orange sends a bright and visible message that no one should ever experience bullying. Anti-bullying themes are often reiterated at the North Shore Schools, but during the month of October students around the country are particularly encouraged to be kind to one another, be tolerant and accepting of everyone’s differences, and reach out to their peers to let them know that they are not alone. North Shore guidance counselors wore orange shirts and echoed the important themes including, “We Stand Together Against Bullying.

This is the first of many anti-bullying activities that will take place at the middle school this year. Many thanks to the MS PTSO, the guidance counselors, social workers, administration, and teachers who worked so hard to decorate the cafeteria and assist in all of the important Unity Day activities at North Shore Middle School. 

Article and photos by Shelly Newman