Pep Rally

Pep Rally at MS Kicks-Off Homecoming!  

Under the leadership of Principal Dr. Ryan O'Hara, North Shore Middle Schoolers showed their school spirit on Friday, Oct 9, 2022, when the entire school participated in an amazing Vikings MS Pep Rally to kick-off Homecoming on 10/8!

The MS gym was filled with 6-8th graders dressed in the Vikings school colors of maroon and white eager to cheer for their teams! To the thunderous round of applause, all of the MS teams were announced by their coaches and the MS athletes were asked to stand up! But that's not all! For the first time ever, the MS Viking Cheerleaders took to the gym floor and led everyone in a number of exciting cheers!

The energy and joy in the MS gym was astounding as all of the MS students, faculty and staff gathered together in its entirety for the first time in four years - due to COVID-19!

To conclude, the North Shore Middle School students participated in a traditional Viking cheer led by music teacher, Bryce Larsen. Thank you to Principal Dr. Ryan O’Hara, the coaches, athletics department, faculty, and everyone who participated in this exciting MS Pep Rally! Go Vikings go!   

Article and photos by Shelly Newman