Journey Native American



GWL 4th Graders Participate in Journeys into Native American Territory

As part of the Native American unit of the fourth-grade curriculum, students at Glenwood Landing participated in an educational alternate learning experience (ALE) called Journeys into Native American Territory.

On Friday October 14, 2022, fourth graders had a special treat when guests including Ms. Maddi Cheers from the Journeys into Native American Indian Territory discussed the traditional culture, customs, and government of the Eastern Woodland native people. She brought a table full of Native American artifacts including a mini-longhouse, clothing made of animal skins, jewelry, tools, pottery, and musical instruments. Learners discovered the understandings that where and when you live impacts how you live. Students ascertained that the natives from long ago had the utmost respect for nature as well as devotion to family and community. 

Mrs. Marcantonio said, "Our students were highly engaged in this experience, deepening their understanding of Native Americans of New York and how they lived long ago. History was brought to life through these mesmerizing storytellers, their hands-on resources, and various collaborative activities students completed." 

Thanks to Mrs. Audra Marcantonio, School-Wide Enrichment Services Teacher, students were also immersed in storytelling and the use of symbols. Additionally, fourth graders played actual Native American games as they realized the reasons behind the activities- to improve collaboration, communication, problem-solving, focus and stamina.  As an extension to the day, Journeys into Native American Territory left the students of GWL access to interactive videos and educational resources. Every student also had the opportunity to construct pinch pots out of clay as they learned about the history and art behind them.

A special thank you goes out to the SCA who sponsored this interactive, hands-on educational program for the fourth graders of Glenwood Landing School. Additionally, thank you to all of the fourth-grade teachers and Mrs. Marcantonio who helped facilitate this wonderful learning experience.

Thank you to Mrs. Audra Marcantonio, School-Wide Enrichment Services Teacher, for assistance with article. Photos by Shelly Newman