Forces and Motion

GWL 3rd Graders Engage in LI Science Museum: Forces and Motion Lesson

The third-grade students of Glenwood Landing School were fortunate to participate in an outreach program titled, "Forces and Motion" through the Science Museum of Long Island as a part of their School-Wide Enrichment Services (SWES). The young scientists explored concepts connected to Newton's Laws by engaging in hand-on experiments. These included discovering the difference between potential and kinetic energy, trying to act faster than inertia, and creating lift. The docent from the museum also modeled vacuum seals and discussed the deeper understandings connected to this portion of the third-grade science curriculum. 

School-Wide Enrichment Services Teacher Audra Marcantonio stated, "There are many benefits to learning through a hands-on approach like the one brought to us through the Science Museum of Long Island. The senses are engaged through physical learning which, in turn, enhances critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to learn through exploration and discovery."

A special thank you to the Glenwood Landing SCA for finding this event and many others for each grade level. All the GWL parents' fundraising efforts resulted in this rich learning experience. 
Article submitted by Ms. Audra Marcantonio and photos by Shelly Newman