GWL Boosterthon – School-wide Fun Run!

On Friday October 14, 2022, all K-5 students at Glenwood Landing School participated in the annual Boosterthon, an outdoor school-wide event that promotes fun, running, health, and wellness! Under a gigantic arch of maroon and white balloons, the upper back field of Glenwood Landing School was transformed into a high-energy racetrack for all of the GWL students to enjoy!  

Principal Bridget Finder along with her physical education teachers not only led grades K-5 students in the fun Boosterthon races, but along with GWL faculty, parents, and family members could be seen cheering on the students and giving out pom-poms as they happily ran, skipped, or walked laps around the track of cones! You could hear and see the joy on the students faces as they challenged their fellow students to race to the finish line!  

Thank you to the GWL SCA, GWL physical education teachers, and GWL parents and families that made this school-wide fun and wellness fundraiser possible! Principal Finder said, “Thank you to everyone for your help in promoting the GWL Boosterthon. The children had a great time, and we met our goal of $25,000!”

Article and photos by Shelly Newman