Glen Head School Participates in a Thrilling Halloween Parade

On Monday, October 31, 2022, the Halloween festivities began early in the morning at Glen Head School. Sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures heightened the Halloween spirit as students, faculty, staff, and administration all dressed up for the 2022 Halloween parade which was held outside on the streets in front of Glen Head School!

To the ghoulish delight of the parents and residents in attendance, each class happily walked in the parade waving to their loved ones on the sidewalk! Principal Dr. Peter Rufa, dressed in a dalmatian costume, happily led the parade, and shared in the fun and enthusiasm of his students and faculty!

After the parade, parents were invited to participate in hands-on Halloween classroom activities including Halloween bingo! Thank you to all the students, faculty, staff, and families for a fantastic Halloween celebration. In addition, a special “thank you” to the GH PTO for the beautiful decorations and flowers. Everyone at Glen Head School had a thrilling time during Halloween this year!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman