Alumna, Dr. Mari Saunders, 1943 Class of SC High School, Returns to North Shore

This year, a special alumna, Dr. Mari Saunders, joined us for Homecoming 2022 from the Sea Cliff High School Class of 1943! She is a clinical psychopathologist and therapist, who previously was on staff at the Urban League, Addicts Rehabilitations Center, and currently in private practice in New York City. She received a bachelors and two master’s degrees at City College, CUNY, and her doctorate in Urban Psychology from Fordham. She was formerly a faculty member of Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York as a Clinical Counselor.

Dr. Saunders said, “It was thrilling to be back!” She added, “No one is any more surprised than I am that I have lived this long, and I am looking forward to living even longer! Someone or something in the universe must like me! I have always lived by a key phrase for my well-being: Having someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to.”    

Dr. Saunders is the author of the book titled, “Marry Yes / Marry No”. She is also the author of numerous articles published in Essence, Mahogany, and Horizon magazines and a former columnist for Carribeat newspaper. She has appeared on several radio and TV talk shows including Sally Jesse Rafael, Rolanda Watts, Jean Parr, and she hosted her own Telecquest radio program on WMCA in 1983. She is also the psychological mentor and co-founder of the Institute for Interracial Harmony and has lectured on the subjects of racism and intimate relationships at many colleges and universities throughout the United States through the Program Corporation of America. Additionally, she is a member of MENSA, Phi Delta Kappa, and Fordham Alumni Association. She was married to David Milton Saunders for 53 years, has two children, and one granddaughter. Dr. Mari Saunders currently resides in New York City. Many thanks to Cecily Halliburton (her niece) for bringing Dr. Saunders back to North Shore!  

Dr. Andrea Macari, Vice President of the Board of Education, North Shore alumna, and fellow psychologist stated, “I left homecoming inspired by Dr. Saunders’ visit. Not only was she an accomplished academic but she is also a practicing psychologist seeing patients at the age of 97! I can only imagine the ‘ripple effect’ her work has had on the world since leaving our alma mater! Her vitality and sense of purpose is what we all should strive to achieve in our own lives.”

Once again, thank you to alumna, Dr. Mari Saunders, for joining us on Homecoming 2022!  

Article and photos by Shelly Newman