Learning, Lacrosse, and Native American Life at SC School

The sun was shining for a fun, interdisciplinary lesson for 4th graders at Sea Cliff School. Students under the direction of Interim Principal Megan McCormack experienced an outdoor learning lesson making connections between lacrosse and Native American life.

Fourth graders at Sea Cliff studied Native American life on Long Island, went on a field trip to Garvies Point, and concluded with an outdoor lacrosse lesson.  During the lacrosse lesson, the fourth graders learned the history of lacrosse and that Native Americans invented the sport - calling it stickball. Ms. McCormack facilitated a discussion on the different ways the Native Americans used lacrosse to settle disagreements and set rules. The discussion also included how the Native Americans made their sticks utilizing the wood from trees for the stick and animal skins for the mesh. During the lesson, Superintendent Dr. Chris Zublionis visited the blacktop to talk to the students and watch them practice their lacrosse skills.  

“The fourth graders had a blast practicing different lacrosse skills while beautifully. collaborating with one another. It was such an incredible experience to connect our curriculum to the real world! We are so grateful for Ms. McCormack for making it possible,” shared Lindsay Feibus, a fourth-grade teacher.  

This authentic learning experience inspired the following important question: “How do Native Americans use their environment to survive and live?” If you have a fourth graders, please ask them if they know the answers to this question. Ms. McCormack concluded, “We are looking forward to making this interdisciplinary lesson a tradition at Sea Cliff School for many years to come!” 

Article written with assistance by Principal Megan McCormack and photos by Shelly Newman