Science Honors


56 North Shore Students Inducted into the Science National Honor Society

Recently, North Shore High School held the Science National Honor Society Induction Ceremony honoring 56 students. Science teacher Mr. Seth Klein, led the ceremony along with the Secondary Director of Science, Mr. Steven Menchel. Both spoke and congratulated the students and presented each with a certificate. The following lists the main objectives of the Science National Honor Society:

• Encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought
• Advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science
• Communicate with the scientific community
• Aid the civic community with its comprehension of science
• Encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all humankind.

Congratulations go out to the following 2022-23 North Shore Science National Honor Society inductees: Brooke Bartilucci, Ava Bartoli, Gabriella Basile, Nathaniel Brower, Maddie Bush, Elisa Busse, Gavin Butler, Mary Casale, Hayden Citko, Analise Clarke, Richard Cook, Nicholas D'Alessandro, Sophia DeMillio, Gabrielle Ditrapani, Ethan Fichtl, Michael Fleming, Natalie Gaeta, Faith Glazarev, Luke Gottfried, Brianna Graziosi, Penelope Ham, Tikdem Heffernan, Yousef Helo, Tara Hynes, Joseph Ickowicz, Maya Ikawa, Keira Jensen, Yousung Jun, Jack Kaufman, Andrew Kraupner, Madelyn Launer, Maggie LePorin, Jessica Lillis, Sammy Lockwood, Abigail Maler, Dean Mallen, Matt Malone, Daniela Martini, Alexandra Mele, Giulia Mele, Kaitlyn Murphy, Ella Orsino, Eric Orsino, Annette Park, Eliza Ritter, Alexa Salvatori, Madelyn Samtani, Keith Scala, Ruben Shonik, Gabriella Stiffler, Sam Sturge, Sofia Tedesco, Lyndsey Topol, Emily White, Gina Wu, and Bonnie Zhang.

In addition, Superintendent Dr. Chris Zublionis, Interim Superintendent for Instruction Carol Ann Smyth, and Principal Eric Contreras congratulated the science students. Cheers to all!