NATIONAL LETTERS OF INTENT                                                  
Seven NS High School Athletes Sign National Letters of Intent

Director of Athletics Don Lang proudly announced that seven North Shore High School senior athletes signed National Letters of Intent (NLI) this Fall 2022. A Letter of Intent is a binding agreement between a prospective student-athlete and an institution. Once signed, the institution agrees to provide that student with financial aid (if eligible under the NCAA rules) for one academic year in exchange for that student’s agreement to attend the institution for one academic year. Additionally, all colleges and universities that participate in the NLI program agree to not recruit these student athletes once he or she signs the NLI.

Congratulations go out to the following North Shore athletes who are featured with balloons and wearing clothing from the schools that they will be attending next Fall 2022:

Student                                 School                                              Sport

Laini Silverstein                      Utica University                                 Volleyball
Arianne Guss                          Gettysburg College                           Soccer
Kylee Colbert                          Boston College                                  Lacrosse
Ava Bartoli                              Bryant University                                Lacrosse
Eliza Ritter                              Connecticut College                          Lacrosse
Daniela Martini                       Haverford College                             Lacrosse
Jack Kaufman                         Lake Forest College                         Lacrosse

HS Principal Eric Contreras and Superintendent Dr. Chris Zublionis both spoke at the National Letters of Intent ceremony. All of the students along with their families expressed excitement and joy to achieve this impressive accomplishment for all of their hard work and dedication.

At the National Letters of Intent ceremony, Mr. Lang praised these student-athletes while thanking their parents and encouraging all those in the audience to recognize and celebrate their tremendous success. Congratulations to all and best of luck next year!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman