HS 1st Challenger

First Challenger Sports Game at North Shore High School Vikings Win 7-5!

“In early November, my Daily Living Skills class played in our first ever Challenger Sports Game against Locust Valley,” said Special Education teacher, Ms. Danielle Oppido. “My North Shore High School students were joined by a student from the middle school in an indoor soccer game where the Vikings were victorious, 7-5! My students included Kyprian Kallaur, Matthew Ilberg, Anthony Collura, and Adriana Goris who all had a wonderful experience and are looking forward to their next game!”

Thank you to all of the staff who came out to support the players at the Challenger Sports Game including Danielle Oppido, Allison Roth, Tina Barwick, Marie DiVincenzo, and Maria Carson. Additionally, an eleventh grader from North Shore High School was the referee! 

During the months of February – March 2023, future Challenger Sports Games will include basketball, while during the months of April-May 2023 students will participate in track and field. This month, the indoor soccer game was arranged and coordinated by the North Shore athletic department. Many thanks to all those who participated and helped in the success of this very first Challenger Sports Game. We look forward to future games in 2023!

Article and photos submitted by Ms. Danielle Oppido, North Shore Schools Special Education Teacher