Bike Safety

Northwell Educators Help SC Students Learn about Pedestrian and Bike Safety

Educators from Northwell recently came to Sea Cliff School and led a hands-on, interactive, presentation to all K-5 students about pedestrian and bike safety as part of their educational programming. 
Ms. Megan McCormack said, “This was a sponsored event where every Sea Cliff Physical Education class participated in an interactive program over two days as a proactive lead into bike-to-school day.”
She continued, “Our students learned about pedestrian and bike safety, practiced crossing the street, directing traffic while wearing neon crossing guard vests, using stop signs, and practiced looking both ways. Additionally, our students learned the importance of wearing a helmet to protect your brain!” 
A special thank you goes out to Mr. Dan Flanzing, Ms. Jillian Savino, and Ms. Jessica Grella.


Article written with assistance from Megan McCormack    Photos by Shelly Newman