Spring Concerts

North Shore Spring Concerts

Beautiful Sounds of the Glen Head Spring Concert

On May 18th, students, faculty and staff gathered together at North Shore High School to listen to the beautiful Glen Head Spring Concert. Dressed in all black, the smooth sounds of the band and orchestra filled the theatre while the melodic voices of the choral students warmed our hearts. Bravo to all!

The enthusiasm of the Glen Head students in the audience could be felt in the high school theatre. A special thank you goes out to all of the students who sang and performed beautifully. Additionally, many thanks to the students in the audience who clapped, yelled “bravo”, and gave standing ovations to their friends and peers.

Many thanks to Jason Hill (Band Conductor), Rachel Viola (Orchestra Conductor), and Whitney Hackman (Choral Conductor) for making this concert such a wonderful success. Plus, congratulations to all of the musicians who practiced for months in preparation for this exciting performance. Bravo!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman