North Shore Celebrates the 100th Day of School

In classrooms across the North Shore School District during the second week of February 2022, students celebrated the 100th Day of School. This was particularly true in our kindergarten classes with our youngest students.

To the delight of Sea Cliff faculty and students, kindergarteners in Ms. Cunneen’s class dressed up as 100-year-old citizens with gray-haired wigs, glasses, canes, bow ties and dresses! Some even had facial hair!

In other K-classes, students wore colorful paper crowns and decorative paper glasses with a big number 100! Others took part in 100Acts of Kindness” to coincide with Valentine’s Day!

Around the school district, students participated in hands-on activities including math, reading, writing, and physical education that involved numbers including and leading up to 100! At Glen Head School, the kindergarteners made necklaces made of 100 beads, practiced counting to 100, and jumped 100 times on a trampoline! These are just a few examples of all of the learning and fun activities that our students participated in on the 100th day of school. Please ask them what they did to celebrate our 100th day!

Happy 100th day North Shore!

Article and photos by Shelly Newman