Congratulations to the Cast and CREW of Hello, Dolly:

The North Shore School District would like to congratulate the Masquers' for the incredible presentations of Hello, Dolly!  that were performed onSaturday,March 18, 2022, and Saturday, March 19.  
Bravo to the entire Cast including Ella Blumenthal, Kaitlyn Correa, Mia Crocco, Norah Davison, Sebastian Escobar, Catherine Fradelos, Elena Frangos, Violet Ganzekaufer, Maiko Giannakis, Marco Giannola, Axel Glatt, Kaitlin Ho, Trevor Janusas, Charlotte Marchioli, Shea McDonnell, Madison O'Donnell, Polina Oleynikova, Melissa Palmetto, Ryaan Sabooni, Ginger Sanborn, Gregory Saridakis, Alexandra Selmani, Henry Spina, Nehir Tan, Aidan Tandy, Parker Trager, Norimi Truskinovsky, Emery Viscovich, Caroline Winchester, Josef Winter, and Ian Zhan.

Kudos to the CREW including Christian Accardi, Daniel Becker, Sabrina Bordonaro, Sophie Brandimarte, Olivia Cagno, Hayden Citko, Victoria Dobies, Chelsea Dulaski, Emma Dulaski, Rachel (Ray) Ilberg, Madison Jairala, Annika Kaelin, Kyprian Kallaur, Rebekah Lando, Henry Madden, Grace Miller, Nicole Miraglia, Samantha Nyhan, James Owens, Maria Patetsios, Paul Pourakis, Jordan Price, Oliver Schweiger, Liana Seepersad, Julianna Stefos, Caralina Volz, Mia Wasniewski, and Ava Winter. 

Applause to the Pit Orchestra including Sophie Brandimarte, Julia Capitelli, Stephen Eder, William Hunt, Hannah Ikawa, Andrew Kraupner, Kalista Lin, Michael McMahon, Mathew Miraglia, Michael Morra, Lily Perrotta, Matthew Rodriguez, Abigail Schwab, Ruben Shonik, James Vanchieri and Keeghan Vulpis.

This musical adaptation of Thorton Wilder’s hit play, The Matchmaker, bursted with humor, romance, energetic dance, and some of the greatest songs in musical theater history!  The romantic and comic adventures of Dolly Gallagher-Levi, turn-of-the-century matchmaker and “woman who arranges things,” thrilled and entertained audiences every performance.”
Many thanks go out to Director Aaron Brateman along with all of the North Shore teachers who made this possible. In addition, we are very appreciative for the generosity and support of the Arts Angels. Congratulations to all!

Article by Shelly Newman
photos submitted by Dalia Rodriguez and Howard Bloom