Seniors Triumph

North Shore High School Sports Night

Seniors Triumph at HS Sports Night 2022! 

For over 20 years, North Shore High School’s gym and fields have been packed with student athletes, parents, and faculty members for the annual Sports Night competition. Donning white, the seniors upheld their title winning the 2022 Sports Night event on June 9, 2022. As with tradition, the freshman competed in green while the sophomores wore blue and the juniors were dressed in yellow!Congratulations to the seniors and all of the students for demonstrating such team spirit and sportsmanship.

During the fun and exciting evening, the interclass competitions including tug of war, various relay races, cage volleyball, and the famous obstacle course took place to a roaring crowd!  In addition to the athletic competitions, traditionally an Academic Bowl takes place prior to give students the chance to showcase not only their physical attributes, but their academic knowledge.          

Congratulations to the seniors for winning the Sports Night athletic competition! Without the support from the administration, class advisors, faculty, and parents there would be no sports night! Thanks to everyone who made this another exciting and fun evening!            

Photos by Adrienne Daley Article by Shelly Newman