Moving Up Day


NS High School 2022 Moving Up Ceremony
80th Anniversary, a North Shore Tradition Since 1941

On June 3, 2022, Principal Eric Contreras led the 80th Moving Up Day Ceremony at North Shore High School, a North Shore tradition since 1941. Mr. Contreras happily welcomed proud parents, students, teachers, administrators, and staff to the live event held at North Shore High School in the gymnasium. Students from each grade were present and participated in this annual ceremony.   

To a loud round of applause, Principal Contreras congratulated the school Valedictorian, Kate Gilliam, and Salutatorian Emma Nelson, who we learned are best friends! To the students delight, each class video was shown! Highlights of the ceremony included the presentation of the Class of 2022 yearbook, student and teacher awards, and the raising of the Class of 2022 flag!

During the ceremony, the juniors performed their musical tribute followed by the senior response. The traditional Weaving Ceremony followed as seniors made their way to the front of the gymnasium (dressed in all white) while the juniors (in yellow), sophomores (in blue), and the freshman (in green) “weaved their way up through the rows to move up.” To conclude, the seniors formed the line for the gauntlet for the annual Tapping Ceremony.

Congratulations to all of students and the graduating Class of 2022!  Many thanks to all of those who participated including students and teachers in Grades 9-12 and the North Shore musicians under the direction of Mr. Jason Domingo. Thank you to the HS PTO, Principal Contreras, Assistant Principals Dr. Kurrus and Dr. Mabrouk, faculty, and staff, and all of the parents who worked so hard to make this day so memorable.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman