Wax Museum

GH Third Grade Wax Museum
Biographies Changing World Exhibit

Third graders in all of the Glen Head Elementary classes were recently involved in an exciting interdisciplinary learning experience - combining English, social studies and the arts. Each student selected a famous person in history or current events – someone who leaves the world a better place – and embodied them in the culmination titled, the Wax Museum.

Clad in elaborate costumes during the day of the “Changing World Exhibit,” the students took to the stage in the Gathering Room to showcase their famous person in history in front of their parents and invited guests. The third graders had written their biographies in first person which they then acted out to enable those visiting to learn about their iconic characters. Weeks leading up to this impressive presentation, the third graders practiced expressive elocution and public speaking to capture the essence of each famous person.

All of the third graders participated in a layered experience of researching, reading, learning and even acting! They not only investigated historic icons including Harriet Tubman, Neil Armstrong, Helen Keller, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Mia Hamm, Babe Ruth, Bill Gates, George Washington, Malala Yousafzai, Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart, and Thomas Edison – just to name a few!  but learned important events and movements in history involving some of these famous icons. Additionally, on stage they proudly sang the song, “Hall of Fame,” under the direction of music teacher, Whitney Hackman,

Congratulations to all of the students in the third grade classes and their teachers including Jennine Bernesby, Milena Scalzo, Meryl Fox, Helene Stein, and Teacher's Aide Jill Salditt for presenting such an incredibly creative and educational experience for all of those who were fortunate to attend the Wax Museum at Glen Head Elementary School.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman