HS Community Service Merit Certificates Awarded

Assemblies were held in June 2022 to distribute Merit Certificates to those students who reached milestone levels of volunteer hours.  For freshmen, any student completing 25 or more volunteer hours received a certificate, while sophomores, juniors, and seniors needed to complete 100 or more hours for their certificates during the 2021-22 school year. Teacher Chris Halloran stated, “Students volunteered in a variety of ways, from serving in the Key Club or Interact Club to virtual tutoring through the National Honor Society or helping others in the community during the pandemic.

The following lists the Freshman students who achieved 25 hours or more during the 2021-22 school year:

Ava Gibstein, Natalya Golia, Samantha Hsieh, Madison Jairala, Anhie Janelidze, Jasmin Ko, Isabelle Lee, Gregory Nemirov, Jordan Price, Laura Rodriguez, Braeden Schoenhofen, Nikolaos Stavrianos, Georgia Stefas, and Gianna Stella.

The following lists the Sophomores students who achieved 100 hours or more:
Hailey Ayres, Hannah Bombardiere, Sabrina Bordonaro, Liam Brady, Sabrina Chiu, Sophia Glazarev, Julia Kiser, Jessica Leonard, Marisol Lopez, Sofia Martini, Joanna Pappas, Robin Spieler, Josef Winter, Michelle Yu, and Julian Zuzzolo.

The following lists the Juniors students who achieved 100 hours or more:
Richard Cook, Colin D’Angelis, Faith Glazarev, Tara Hynes, Joseph Ickowicz, Keira Jensen, Kelly Larkin, Layla Morrissey, Annette Park, Madelyn Samtani, Liliana Stella, Nehir Tan, Brooke Zapken, and Bonnie Zhang.

The following lists the Seniors students who achieved 100 hours or more during the 2021-22 school year: Amanda Ayres, Jason Basile, Brandon Carmona, Kathryn Ditrano, Krista Eder, Finley Livingston, Brian Matthews, Amanda Popowitz, Robert Rivera, Paige Shane, Christina Vasilakis, and Eileen Zhao.

But that’s not all! Each year, seniors who have completed 500 hours of Community Service during their four years at North Shore are recognized. Ms. Halloran said, “They have taken on more responsibility each year and developed leadership skills through their service. Each will enrich their college communities by continuing to promote volunteerism.” We are proud to announce the following seniors Graduating with Distinction: Amanda Ayres, Atticus Bartlett, Jason Basile, Kathryn Ditrano, Brian Matthews, and Paige Shane.  

In addition, the following students received the American Citizenship Award in June 2022. The American Citizenship Award is given to two members of each underclass and six members of the senior class who exemplify the character that helps build the North Shore community. These are students who do what’s right when nobody is looking, and they have the courage to do what’s right even when others are looking. They seek no praise or recognition for their efforts, their only interest is the greater good. They include:

Freshmen – Class of 2025
Nora Solomon and Aaron Flores

Sophomores – Class of 2024
Sophia Martini and Daniel Lenney

Juniors – Class of 2023
Gina Wu and Andrew Fabiilli

Seniors – Class of 2022
Gina Politano, Peter Stefos
Chelsea Dulaski, Noah Pastula 
Saniya Jasani, and Ian Zhan

Congratulations to all!

Article and photos provided by Christine Halloran