A Holiday Extravaganza at Sea Cliff School!

On December 22, 2022, Interim Principal Megan McCormack kicked-off the holiday season with a musical Holiday Extravaganza at Sea Cliff School. To the delight of the K-5 Sea Cliff School students, faculty and staff, Ms. McCormack invited high school students and teachers from the holiday jazz band, chamber orchestra, advanced dance ensemble, and Madrigals to perform holiday favorites for everyone to enjoy! Additionally, music teachers from North Shore Middle School performed along with students and Sea Cliff music teachers!

Interim Principal McCormack said, “The morning started with a Sea Cliff school-wide assembly. To coincide with holiday spirit day, everyone was dressed in various Christmas and Chanukah holiday apparel including reindeer antlers, vibrant lights, and colorful sweaters! ¬†As I welcomed the Sea Cliff K-5 students, faculty, and staff to the auditorium, the talented High School jazz musicians played beautiful holiday tunes to set the stage for our Holiday Extravaganza!”

“We started with an interactive discussion about what a resolution is and how it connects to goal setting,” continued Interim Principal McCormack. “Students learned about setting SMART goals and were challenged to set one for themselves as a one minute timer was visible on the screen. Students then shared their goals which led to a brief discussion on habits. We spoke about how habits could help achieve our goals and what individual habits could be incorporated into our daily routines to help achieve our goals. During the assembly, a first grader shared that her goal was to read five books a week. If she read one book each night during the week, she would successfully achieve her goal!”

Then, the talented North Shore High School musicians and their teachers assembled on stage to perform many popular holiday songs and lead a festive sing-along for all of Sea Cliff School to enjoy!

The North Shore musicians included: The Chamber Orchestra led by Mr. Jason Domingo including: Violin I: Claire Tao, Jackie Chen, Mary Casale, Peter Xiao, Sebastian Park, Violin II: Abigail Wong, Joanna Kim, Jasmin Ko, Kalista Lin, Maya Ikawa, Paul Pourakis, Samantha Hsieh, Viola: Carina Schmalzreid, Isabelle Lee, Ibrahim Aboumandour, Mina Stickley, Cello: Andrew Kraupner, Graham Lippert, Guiliano Wang, Mika Ikawa, Noah Lee, Noah Pinto, Penelope Ham, Bass: Ellen Lementowski, Emery Viscovich, Harrison Levin, and Will Winchester. The Advanced Dance Ensemble led by Ms. Simone Kuranishi including: Meghan Braun, Maiko Giannakis, Melissa Palmetto, Gregory Saridakis, Robin Spieler, Kate Vanchieri, Emery Viscovich, and Emily White.
The Madrigals led by Mr. David Catalano including: Soprano: Norah Davison 
Mae Curiale, Elena Frangos, Maiko Giannakis, Bella Martocci, Polina Oleynikova, Ginger Sanborn, Ava Winter, Tenor: Josef Hunter,  
Gregory Saridakis, Liam Tandy, Parker Trager, Josef Winter,  
Alto: Emma Bajdechi, Veronica Frank, Axel Glatt, Abigail Neice,
Mia Wasniewski, Caroline Winchester, Connie Zhang, Bass: 
Nathaniel Brower, Trevor Janusas, Oliver Schweiger, Henry Spina, 
Aidan Tandy, and The Jazz Ensemble led by Mr. Brandon Bromsey including:
Trumpets: Matias Buschfrers, Roberto Laskaris, Aaryan Vira, Michael Fleming,  
Dylan Roth, Elliot Bryant, Cole Johnson, Trombones: Nathaniel Brower,
Seamus Hughes, Nicoletta Kenney, Nicole Miraglia, Alto Saxophones: 
Sophia Brandimarte, Erik Wagner, Tenor Saxophones: Jacob Ludmar,  
Natalie Ion, Piano: Eli Weseley-Jones, Guitar: Wade Livingston, Bass:  
William Winchester, Drums: Ruben Shonik and Cash Evans.

Thank you to the North Shore High School and Middle School Music Department and musicians, Interim Principal Megan McCormack, and everyone who made this special Holiday Extravaganza such a cheerful and harmonious celebration at Sea Cliff School. It was a wonderful example of our oldest North Shore students inspiring our youngest students to be creative and fulfill their dreams! In attendance were also Superintendent Dr. Chris Zublionis and Interim Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Dr. CarolAnn Smyth.

Happy and healthy holidays!