Sea Cliff’s 5th Grade Mock Trial Club 

Sea Cliff’s School-Wide Enrichment Services (SWES) offers fifth grade students the opportunity to participate in Mock Trial Club and explore courtroom procedures and trial law in preparation for the Western-Suffolk BOCES Mock Trial Tournament. This year, interested fifth graders joined Mrs. Krupin twice a week during lunch and recess to develop and hone their trial skills and strategies. Team members learned to formulate questions for direct and cross-examination and draft opening statements and closing arguments. Students revised theories, studied and rehearsed trial testimony, and discovered how to apply relevant legal standards to the facts of the case. 

On Friday, March 25, 2022, Sea Cliff’s plaintiff team and defense team, attended the Western-Suffolk BOCES Mock Trial Tournament. Students traveled to Suffolk County Community College to present the civil case of Celine Kovics v. The Oars Beachcomber. The trial required team members to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate with one another to effectively represent either the plaintiff or defendant. 

Sea Cliff’s 5th graders competed against teams of 7th and 8th grade students from neighboring districts. Team members presented their case to a presiding judge who analyzed student presentations and awarded points for merit and performance. Sea Cliff’s 5th grade plaintiff and defense teams were victorious as they demonstrated perseverance and quick thinking to outperform the opposing middle school teams. In the end, Team Sea Cliff was overjoyed to discover that hard work and commitment pay off as they tipped the scales of justice with their savvy presentations and were awarded wins for merit and performance!

Article and Photos by: Ms. Diane Krupin