MS Entrepreneur


MS Students Learn What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur In The 21st Century

On April 11, 2022, students taking the Entrepreneurship elective at North Shore Middle School under the direction of Mr. Kevin Dahill had the opportunity to pitch their original business plans to real life local entrepreneurs in the North Shore community This was the first time in years due to COVID-19 that the students were able to eagerly participate in this authentic learning experience.  

Mr. Dahill said, “The goals of the course were to have my students understand the entrepreneurial mindset and what it means to be an entrepreneur in the 21st century. For this project, I created an authentic learning experience where students produced their own business plan, final pitch, and presentations for an original product and/or service.” Students were able to form groups or work individually. The students and their respective business ideas included: CAMB Sports Exchange (Andrew Troia, Brij Kapoor, Chase Conzelman, Marco Camps), G.A.S. Entertainment (Georgia Deegan, Amelie Baghdassarian, Sofia Gkorou), Parental Protection Portal (Alessia Marotta, Kashvi Bhogadi, Savannah Plosky), Future Footwear (Jake Lau, Mitchell Levi, Mikey Winchester, Nico Markopoulos), Tangles Untied (Anne Kelly, Avery DiMeola, Jamie Ko, Lorein Parvina), and SME: Stock Market Education (Madden Altman, Neo Iannelli, Patrick Nina Salas, and Chilton Qiu).

Mr. Dahill continued, “Final presentations were made in class in front of local community members who all have experience in running their own businesses. The North Shore School District community members included Mr. Dave Ludmar, Mr. Michael Lynch, and Ms. Nina Livingston. These entrepreneurs each listened, asked questions, and offered advice to the student presenters.

Congratulations to the North Shore Middle School students who

  • developed their own original and innovative business ideas and plans
  • successfully conducted market research
  • created unique product points-of-difference
  • explored their target audiences
  • researched advertising and social media vehicles
  • identified the competition
  • presented to their peers and community members  

Many thanks to our community members for participating in this important authentic learning experience. Your time, expertise, and personal experiences are all invaluable to the middle school students taking the Entrepreneurship elective. Your words of wisdom and life lessons will help them further pursue their own interests in business and their individual careers in the future.

Article and photos by Shelly Newman with assistance from Mr. Kevin Dahill