Kiwanis Student

Congratulations North Shore Kiwanis Students of the Month

The Kiwanis Club of North Shore is pleased to recognize the North Shore High School Student of the Month for December, Emma Dulaski, and January, Katie Ditrano. Ms. Julia Salat said, The Kiwanis Program recognizes 10 seniors per year who have made significant contributions to the North Shore community. The faculty over zoom nominates seniors who must have at least 50 hours of community service. The Kiwanis committee then selects each honoree and upon selection they are announced by the Principal at North Shore High School.”

Endorsement for Emma Dulaski

North Shore High School English Teacher, Mr. Dennis McEvoy said, “I was thrilled when I heard that Emma Dulaski was named the Kiwanis Student of the Month. Emma is a former student of mine who showed every day why she is deserving of this and any other award that is sure to come her way. Emma is a student who is always prepared and approaches everything she does not only with a quiet determination but with an enthusiasm that sets her apart from her appears. Assignments never seem to be chores or tasks to Emma - she sees them more as opportunities. Emma's view, that everything is a learning experience, that something is to be gained through whatever she's doing, can be attributed to her indefatigable positive attitude - a quality I wish we all had.”

He continued, “Emma's positivity was what first garnered my notice, but eventually I discovered how that positivity influenced other students. Emma's optimism was infectious. The entire class was usually lively and abuzz with the challenges laid before it, and I attribute all this to Emma. She was always willing to lead and assist others and did so in a way that never seemed high-handed or imperious. Emma is destined to be successful and to lead by example. I have no doubt of this. I am excited for her and for everyone who will get to meet Emma in the future.”

Endorsement for Katie Ditrano

North Shore High School Teacher Leader for AP & IB Program, Dr. Kerri Titone said, “I have worked with Katie Ditrano over the past two years as an IB Diploma Candidate, helping her navigate all of her advanced coursework and course planning. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with a young lady that is so diligent, well rounded, and kind. She is respected by her peers and teachers alike, as she collaborates with other students in all grade level and partners with faculty and staff to help improve our school, day in and day out.”

Dr. Titone continued, “At each Board of Education meeting, Katie represents the student body and give updates to the trustees and community. In the classroom, Katie shines across subject areas, conducting herself and participating with diligence, passion, integrity. Outside of the classroom, she lives a balanced life participating in Winter Track, Key Club, the All-State Music Festival, and is a CASA Youth Sector Leader. Katie deserves to be recognized for the contributions she has made to our school and local community, surely deserved of the Kiwanis Student of the Month.”

The honorees and families were invited to a special dinner where the honorees are presented with a plaque as a thank you for their outstanding community service. On behalf of the Kiwanis Club and the North Shore School District, we wish both Emma and Katie luck & success in all their future endeavors. 

Article written with assistance from Julia Salat. Photos provided by Ms. Salat.