Glen Head Kindergarten Mentos Experiment

Every year, all of the kindergarten classes at Glen Head School gather together outside to participate in their first science experiment of the year called the Mentos Experiment. As the children sat in a large circle on the grass, their teachers gathered all the ingredients inside the soda bottle that was placed in the center.

Kindergarten teacher Kirsten Clagnaz said, “The excitement generated by the exploding soda acts as a way to inspire and empower the children to be scientists. It is truly a magical and special experience for our students that creates an enduring memory for all.”

Please ask your kindergarteners about their very first science experiment of the school year at Glen Head. As you will see from the photos, their happy faces tell the story as they watched the Mentos Experiment with joy and amazement!


Article written with assistance from Ms. Kirsten Clagnaz
Photos by Shelly Newman