C Kindergarteners Engage in Math & Movement Outdoors

In October 2021, kindergarteners at Sea Cliff School happily participated in an interdisciplinary outdoor lesson combining math and movement skills under the direction of K-teacher Ms. Kim Cunneen and physical education teacher Ms. Megan McCormack.
For weeks, students have been working on number lines, number identification (1-10), and sorting and grouping alike objects.

The outdoor activities included:
• Jumping through math and movement mats while reciting numbers
• Hopping down a number line from spot to spot reciting numbers
• Tossing a bean bag and identifying the number on the bean bag as well as on the mat where the bean bag landed
• Tracing numbers (1-10) that our 4th graders helped write on the blacktop in chalk
• Matching a dice with dots with the correct number

Ms. McCormack said, “This interdisciplinary activity allowed our Sea Cliff kindergarteners to use their gross motor abilities to strengthen and reinforce their mathematical skills in the areas of counting, sorting, and number recognition. Our students were engaged and excited to combine physical education and math skills outdoors on the black top!”

Article written with direction from Ms. Megan McCormack Photos by Shelly Newman