MS Viking Explorers Examine Local Life Forms

Viking Explorers is an elective class that teaches students Robotics, Marine Biology, Geology, Environmental Science and so much more. On our first trip we went to Tappen Beach and examined local life forms. We walked out into the water in wader boots and used a seine net and caught small specimens to examine. We caught spearing, killies, and even some jellyfish! After that we read the text The Outer Lands and learned about how long Island was actually formed by a glacier. We then tested the water with pH strips and for other chemicals. We also piloted our underwater robot that we've been building and examined underwater with the help of GoPros.

On our second trip we went to Garvies Point Museum and Preserve . We went on a Biotic Communities hike and learned about the woods and all the local trees and plants, including invasive species. Following our hike we learned about geology and erosion with the help of the museum geologist. We saw examples with a model called a stream table and found clay on the beach that was older than long Island.

Written by: Christian Kilada and Shaan Abidi (Viking Explorer Students 21-22)