North Shore Middle School Celebrates Everyone Matters Day

On October 22, 2021, students and faculty got together for a day of health and wellness in celebration of Everyone Matters. This was the first day of a series of three E3 days where Everyone Matters, Everyone Cares, Everyone Learns (E3) – the ethos of North Shore Middle School.

Interim Principal Jen Imperiale said, “Everyone Matters Day focused on social emotional learning, wellness, and stress reduction.” She continued, “To me it means that all of the students matter, Mr. Nelson matters, all of our secretaries, custodians, hall monitors, our nurses, parents… We all matter and we live in a place and work and go to school in a community where we care about each other. Where we celebrate, what we have in common and our common values, but we respect each other’s difference and celebrate them as well. Everyone matters means you need to take care of yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically so that you are well enough to learn in order to get the most out of your learning experience to be well as an individual first.”

Interim Principal Imperiale summarized the list of activities (see below) that her students eagerly participated in throughout the day. She concluded by saying, “I hope all of the activities we have planned for you today give you exposure, experience and enlighten you in some different things that you might find helpful to do when you are overwhelmed and need a few moments just to take care of yourself. So, be kind to each other…I hope you have time to reflect upon Everyone Matters (E3 our motto) today and have a great day!”
The day began and ended with E3 squad. In the morning, the day started with a video and guest speaker, Hakeem Rahim, who presented to all grades on the topic of breaking the stigma of mental health. In the afternoon, the day ended with a hexagon and reflection activity, “We are all connected.”
During the course of the day, students participated in activities of their choice, both indoors and outdoors, that were physical, creative, and connected to nature. The goal of the day was for the North Shore Middle School students to participate in activities that could reduce stress and promote wellness. The choices included:

• Running/Walking
• Kickball
• Tennis/Pickleball
• Football
• Lawn Games
• Weight Training
• Golf

• Friendship Bracelets
• Mindfulness Drumming
• Board Games
• Coloring
• Mindful Meditation
• Puzzle
• Spa/Relaxation
• Reading

• Walk on the Beach - Tapan/SeaCliff
• Hike at Welwyn Preserve
• Yoga on the lawn
• Therapy Animals

The guest speaker was Hakeem Rahim, the first African-American male valedictorian in the history of Uniondale High School was also voted Homecoming King/Mr. Uniondale. He said, “Now more than ever, students are facing high levels of stress and anxiety. Through my school assembly presentations, we are creating a culture of openness so that students do not have to face these stressors alone. His Breaking Through Stigma: The Highs and Lows of Mental Health presentation is the perfect way to begin or continue this conversation of openness and acceptance.

Please ask your children about Everyone Matters Day and how it helped to reduce stress and promote social emotional learning and wellness at North Shore Middle School.

Article written by Shelly Newman under the direction of Interim Principal Ms. Jennifer Imperiale Video Video by North Shore Middle School Photos by Shelly Newman