National Honor Society Inductees

109 Students Inducted into the National Honor Society at North Shore High School

North Shore High School is proud to announce that 109 students were inducted into the National Honor Society on November 30, 2021 in a virtual ceremony held at North Shore High School. The qualifications of selection fall into three major categories - leadership, service, and character.

Students must fulfill many qualifications to be admitted into the NS High School National Honor Society. Examples of criteria are as follows: demonstrates academic initiative, is willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude, consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, and stability), demonstrates leadership in promoting school activities, is willing to represent the class or school in inter-class and inter-scholastic competition, participates in some outside activity, volunteers dependable and well-organized assistance, shows respect for others, contributes ideas that improve the civic life of the school, successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility, and observes instructions and rules including punctuality and faithfulness both inside and outside of the classroom.

Congratulations goes out to the following students including: Ibrahim Aboumandour, Christian Accardi, Maria Jose Alarcon, Matthew Arboleda, Aidan Attina, Sophia Banner, Matthew Baron, Brooke Bartilucci, Ava Bartoli, Gabriella Basile, Maya Best, Alexander Bischoff, Nathaniel Brower, Matias Buschfrers, Madeline Bush, Elisa Busse, Gavin Butler, Mary Casale, Michael Cerrone, Hayden Citko, Analise Clarke, Paige Cloutier, Dylan Collins, Faith Cook, Paige Cook, Richard Cook, Nicholas D’Alessandro, Colin D’Angelis, Sophia DeMillio, Kiera Denley, Julia DeSario, Michael Dey, Matthew DiLeo, Gabrielle Ditrapani, Jared Dominiguez, Owen Duffy, Ethan Fichtl Michael Fleming, Nolan Ford, Angelica Frangopoulos, Natalie Gaeta, Valentina Ghersi, Faith Glazarev, Luke Gottfried, Michael Granelli, Brianna Graziosi, Molly Guerin, Arianne Guss, Penelope Ham, Mackenzie Hannon, Tikdem Heffernan, Yosef Helo, Tara Hynes, Joseph Ickowicz, Maya Ikawa, Nicholas La Rosa, Aidan Kiggins, Andrew Kaufman, Jack Kaufman, Madelyn Launer, Konstandina Lazaridis, Heather Lennon, Maggie LePorin, Jessica Lillis, Samantha Lockwood, Abigal Maler, Dean Mallen, Matthew Malone, Daniela Martini, Gabriella Mehraban, Alexandra Mele, Giulia Mele, Brendan Miller, Layla Morrissey, Kaitlyn Murphy, Matthew Nochowitz, Ella Orsino, Eric Orsino, Hercules Paloumbis, Annette Park, Jack Potter, Eliza Ritter, Dylan Roth, Matthew Russo, Alexa Salvatori, Madelyn Samtani, Gregory Saridakis, Keith Scala, Isabel Segal, Ruben Shonik, Aracelly Sierra, Laini Silverstein, Ava Steele, Liliana Stella, Gabriella Stiffler, Samuel Sturge, Nehir Tan, Sofia Tedesco, Lyndsey Topol, Katerina Varkaris, Vivian Varkaris, Paola Villacis, Cassidy Weiss, Emily White, William Winchester, Abigal Wong, Gina Wu, Michael Ye, and Jack Zorn.

The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony took place under the leadership of Principal Eric Contreras, Dr. Caitlin Kirmser, and National Honor Society President, Atticus Bartlett. In attendance was Interim Superintendent Dr. Tom Dolan to congratulate the inductees on all of their hard work. In addition, the Faculty Honoree was teacher Mr. Brian Rodahan.

Congratulations to all on this high honor.

Photo by Lisa Anselmo Article by Shelly Newman