As Scientists


GWL Students Study “As Scientists” in the GWL Outdoor Classroom

During the gorgeous autumn season, Glenwood Landing K-5 students went outside to study in the beautiful GWL Outdoor Classroom & Garden. Numerous learning stations were created to assist each of the children in their pursuit as “scientists and critical thinkers” as they rotated among various learning stations to seek answers to some important questions. The stations included the following:

  • Science Tables,
  • Garden Beds
  • Water Tables
  • Music & Art Center
  • Composting Bins


GWL Enrichment teacher, Mrs. Marcantonio said, “After students spent time at each of the stations utilizing scientific tools including magnifying glasses, balancing scales, measuring devices, and funnels they came back together to consider some important questions posed by their teachers.” Some of the questions asked of the kindergarten classes included:

“What did you observe as scientists?”
“What did you notice?”
“What did you wonder?”

As part of the discussion, students had to utilize their four senses (e.g., sight, hearing, touch, and smell) to defend their stance on what they learned. Examples of some answers included, “I noticed that the mint was very green in the garden,”  “I noticed that the rock weighs more than the twig,”  “I wonder why when I hit the drum it makes that sound,” “I wonder why that broccoli had that smell?,” and “I wonder why the leaf floats than sinks to the bottom?”    
Mrs. Marcantonio concluded by saying, “From this collaborative study, the students of Glenwood Landing had the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning and critical thinking to reach important conclusions and understandings.”
Article written with the assistance from Ms. Audra Calonita
Photos by Shelly Newman