Service in the Garden

Mutual Concerns Visits Sea Cliff Garden Photos Below

Community Service in the Sea Cliff Garden

Sea Cliff School teachers, Mojdeh Hassani & Amelia Hecker who are participating in the North Shore Summer Program this 2020 summer wrote to their North Shore parents and families about a very special day in the Sea Cliff Garden. They said, “Today we had a very special day in the garden. We spent the morning harvesting as usual, but harvesting with a purpose! We had an important visitor, Mrs. Peggy Como, who runs the Mutual Concerns Committee in Sea Cliff. She stopped by to see our work and pick up delicious potatoes and lettuce for members of our community in need.”

They continued, “Your children learned about the organization and were able to see first-hand how our little garden can help feed our community. She thanked them for their hard work and told them how happy they were going to make some residents in our community. We are hoping to provide fresh produce to Mutual Concerns on a regular basis. We are very proud of these little gardeners and their selfless service to our community. Additionally, we are forever grateful to Ms. Maria Mosca, our Garden Manager, and Mr. Renato Stafford, our Gardening Scholar, for their continued dedication to the Sea Cliff Garden.” 

In return, Mrs. Peggy Cuomo of the Mutual Concerns Committee wrote this message on social media:

“Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with a fantastic group of youngsters at the Sea Cliff School Garden. They are learning skills here that they will carry with them throughout their lives.
This group grows all different kinds of vegetables in their garden beds and greenhouse and donates some to Mutual Concerns so we can pass them on to those families who are struggling.
This was such an uplifting experience for me after being surrounded by all that's going on in the world.
Here 11 youngsters stood before me on a rather hot, humid day, all wearing masks--and none of them complaining. They were so excited to share their gardening experiences with me that I suddenly realized that in spite of COVID-19, we have to embrace these joyful moments.
I left with a nice supply of potatoes and lettuce which were distributed to the families by the afternoon.
Thank you to the teachers, Mojdeh Hassani and Amelia Hecker. You are doing a remarkable job! Maybe someday this will be part of the regular school curriculum.”