GWL S.T.E.A.M. Fair


2019 Glenwood Landing S.T.E.A.M. Fair

The annual Glenwood Landing School STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts Music) Fair was celebrated on March 21 and 22.

Many students from kindergarten through fourth grade engaged in either scientific inquiry or engineering design as they completed interest-based projects.  Some of the wonderful hands-on, original, and educational STEAM projects included Sharks, Magnets, Mold, The Winning Paper Airplane, Melting Madness, Nail Polish Remover Experiment, Plastic in the Ocean, Amazing Rocks and Minerals, Going Up or Down, How Do Balls Bounce, and Sink or Float.

New and exciting for this year, all fifth grade students completed inquiry-based projects using the scientific method.  Many thanks go to the fifth grade teachers for teaching the scientific method and incorporating this long-term project as part of their curriculum.  The students did an amazing job and beamed with pride as they shared their process and findings.  Principal Bridget Finder said, “Parents responded positively to the strong home-school connection within this project.  Students not only learned and applied the scientific method, but also acquired important organizational skills that will be incredibly useful as they move on to the next level.”

Additionally, first grade students shared the work they have done as part of the FIRST LEGO League Jr. Mission Moon.  The students worked in groups to research the challenges of living on the moon, designed LEGO models to showcase potential solutions, and then coded moon rovers as part of their solutions.

Students presented their STEAM work to teams of teachers and administrators who provided the students with feedback.  Director of Elementary STEM, Carol Smyth said, “The students really appreciated having an audience for their work and receiving individualized constructive feedback.”

This year, Glenwood Landing partnered with OmniLearn, New York’s premiere science enrichment program, for an exciting evening of workshops.  Student-parent teams participated in interactive experiments that stimulated scientific thinking and curiosity about the world.  The activities gave students and parents exposure to dissections, chemical reactions, forensics, lab equipment and more.

Reflecting on the two days, Principal Finder shared, “Through our STEAM Fair, kids get to shine in unique ways as they pursue areas of passion.”  


Photos Below by Shelly Newman