NS Shore Key Club


North Shore Key Club Seniors Bring Home the Gold Before Saying Goodbye

The North Shore Key Club returned from the annual New York District Conference held in Albany.  The club once again was victorious for their community service programs being awarded numerous first place trophies and recognized as one of the top Key Clubs in New York State.

The seniors pictured in the photo now say goodbye as they finish their fourth year as distinguished Executive Board members and leaders of this fine North Shore Key Club. Many “thanks” for all your dedication and years of community service goes to Jack Stalzer, Eric Lynch, April Rowell, Corinne Heffernan, Eileen Quinn, Zoe Malin, Alexis Lovaglio, Gene Alvarez, and Scott Klein, James Mastakouris, Robert Sharkey, and Andrew Jacklin.

Article and photos by Julia Salat


Students iin Key Club with trophies