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North Shore High School Community Service Events

North Shore High School Adopt-a-Family Program

Students at North Shore have once again shown that they have big hearts and understand the true meaning of the holiday season.  The Interact club organized this year’s Adopt-a-Family program by going out to commons classes and inviting participants and then matching the volunteer adopters with a local family in need.  The volunteers took a wish list provided by their adopted family and purchased and wrapped gifts for all members of the family.   Over 150 students participated and 22 families were adopted.  The Interact Club assisted by making gift tags to go on each sack of gifts so that they would reach the appropriate family.  The bags were delivered on December 20 and 21 and the recipients were truly grateful to be able to celebrate the holidays with the gifts that were provided.  Listed below are the individuals and groups who adopted families:

1 Ms. Acosta’s Commons
2 HS Life Skills
3 ILS Middle School
4 Girl Scout Troop
5 Ms. Acosta’s family
6 Ms. Donnatin’s commons
7 Concert Choral
8 Pulse
9 Considine/Soare/Gish Commons
10 Ms. Francis’ Commons
11 Ms. Huggins’ Health Class
12 Ms. Johnson’s Commons
13 Interact
14 North Shore SGO
15 Mr. Burgos’ Commons
16 Berry/Soto/Domingo Commons
17 Lindsey Golden
18 Mr. Timlin’s Commons
19 James Vizza –Men’s Track
20 Ms. McIntyre’s Reading Classes
21 Jack/Michael Doherty
22 Jack/Michael Doherty
23 Girl Scout Troop

Article and photos provided by Christine Halloran