Principal's Message

Principal's Message


August 23rd, 2018

Dear Sea Cliff School Families,

We hope that you have enjoyed a peaceful and refreshing summer season!

We are excited to welcome you back to Sea Cliff School for the 2018-2019 school year!

Every new school year brings with it the power and inspiration of a fresh start.  At the same time, it is important to build on the success of past efforts. As we reconvene our work with students, we will continue to explore our powerful question of focus from last year:

“How can we empower students to transfer their learning to new and challenging situations with mastery, independence and confidence?”

Not only does this question pertain to all areas of student growth (academic, artistic, athletic, social and emotional) but it also empowers students to reach their highest potential and to connect what they learn inside of school, to their lives outside of school. 

As we began to focus on the question above, we discovered how students can develop and draw upon their communication and thinking Superpowers as learners and as citizens to work towards mastery, independence, confidence and transfer.  We created new opportunities for students to voice their opinions and creative ideas in the school community and provided students with the opportunity to reflect on, discuss and examine their own ideas and new learning. 

We are energized to keep the terrific momentum of last year’s work going and begin our journey on September 5th and continue along the path of relevant, inspiring, student-driven learning.

Please see the specific information below about our opening week and the upcoming school year.

We wish you a positive and fulfilling school year!


Dr. Zublionis, SCS Faculty and SCS Staff



As we approach the first week of school, please keep the following information in mind.

Birthday Celebrations and Food
As per the North Shore Schools Board of Education Wellness policy #5405, food is not permitted for in school for celebrations at any time. We will of course celebrate birthdays through extra recess or students playing a game of their choice indoors.

Classroom Snacks and Food Restrictions for Snack
Your child should pack a snack every day. Snack will not be provided by the school.Please note the snack restrictions in the following classrooms. These restrictions are only for classroom snack and do not apply to lunch.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Callahan – Nut Free
Cunneen – Nut Free
Goetz – Nut Free

Lawatsch – Nut Free
Mazur – Nut Free
Robertson – Nut Free

Gorman – Nut Free
Hild – Nut Free
Morley – Nut Free

Schulz – Nut Free
Shields – Nut Free

Feibus – Both Nut and Dairy Free
Weingust – Nut Free

McAssey – Nut Free


Calendar, Specials and Lunch
We will begin our journey on Wednesday, September 5th and follow the schedule below for the first week of school.
Please note, the school day will begin promptly at 8:25 and the morning announcements will start at this time.


School Day Starts At:

School Day Ends At:

Length of Day

Wednesday, 9/5

8:25 AM

11:40 AM (11:30 Kindergarten)

Half Day

Thursday, 9/6

8:25 AM

11:40 AM (11:30 Kindergarten)

Half Day

Friday, 9/7

8:25 AM

2:40 PM (2:30 for Kindergarten)

Full Day








Please note that Friday, 9/7 will be our first full day of school and the first day in which school lunch will be served in the cafeteria for students in grades 1-5. Kindergarten students will begin purchasing lunch on Monday, 9/17. Lunch menus will be sent home but can also be found at: .


Specials classes (Art, Music and PE) will begin on Friday, 9/7. A calendar with cycle days and color team schedules (color teams are for grades 3-5 only) can be found at: . Your child’s classroom teacher will send home a specials calendar during the first week of school.


Please be sure to notify your child’s teacher in writing of the way in which your child should regularly be dismissed using the “Typical Going Home Arrangements” form (included in the placement packet that you received and attached to this email), beginning on the first day of school. Changes to the normal pick up arrangements should be noted using a “Change in going Home Arrangements” form, found at: .


Front Door

Franklin Avenue Door (w/Stairs)   
(Closer to Carpenter Avenue)

Franklin Avenue Door

(Closer to Auditorium)

Auditorium Doors

Littleworth Lane Door



All Grade 3 Classes

Ms. Cunneen

All Grade 4 Classes

Ms. Roberts
(Grade 1 Class)

Ms. Mazur

Ms. Robertson

Ms. Callahan

Ms. Goetz

Ms. Lawatsch

All Grade 2 Classes
(East Side of Door)

All Grade 5 Classes
(West Side of Door)

Please make sure that your child brings the following forms to school (all included in the placement packet and attached to this email) filled out and/or signed.

  • Sea Cliff School Dignity For All Students (DASA) Pledge Form
  • Typical Going Home Arrangements Form
  • White and Blue Emergency Contact Cards (Grades 1-5 Only)


Please feel free to contact Dr. Zublionis or the Sea Cliff School main office with questions at any time!

We are looking forward to an inspiring year of growth!  


Dr. Z, SCS Faculty and SCS Staff