• Glen Head Welcomes Kindergarten
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Students Share "Let Grow"

Glen Head students happily had the opportunity to visit with their teachers from the previous school year and discuss their “Let Grow” experiences.


children posing with principal and dry erase board

Welcome Glen Head!

Everyone was all smiles at Glen Head School as teachers greeted their students and friends were reunited on the first day.


students making a craft on tinfoil

Kindergarten Cafe

To conclude their Bread Study, the kindergarten classes at Glen Head School ran cafes under the direction of their teachers.


Principal Lori Nimmo


Ms. Lori Nimmo

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First Day of Classes, September 5, 2018

Schools Closed 9/10, 9/11 and 9/19

GH K-Playdate, 9/6, GH Community Center, Noon

BOE Meetings, 9/13 and 9/27, HS Library, 7:30 PM

GH BBQ 9/14, GH Field, 5-7 PM

Superintendent Coffee & Conversation, 9/17, Central Office, 9:30 PM

Elementary Back-to-School Night, 9/20



7 School Street
Glen Head, NY 11545

Glen Head Attendance Office - Jodi Cirella

Superintendent Dr. Peter Giarrizzo EMAIL
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Mr. Robert Chlebicki EMAIL
Assistant Superintendent for Business Ms. Olivia Buatsi EMAIL
Central Office Secretary Betty Ciampi EMAIL
Central Office Secretary Sophia Kulikowsky EMAIL
Central Office Secretary Lois Straber EMAIL
Principal Ms. Lori Nimmo EMAIL
Main Office Secretary Kerry Koopmann EMAIL
Main Office Secretary Denise Innella EMAIL
Computer Technology  Mr. Elliot Kaye EMAIL
Fine & Performing Arts Ms. Dalia Rodriguez EMAIL
World Language Department Ms. Ana Aguiar-Mady EMAIL
Guidance Ms. Linda Binion EMAIL
Physical Education Mr. Don Lang EMAIL
Public Relations Ms. Shelly Newman EMAIL
Elementary Humanities Ms. Devra Small EMAIL
Special Education Mr. Christopher Marino EMAIL
Asst' Director for Elementary Special Education Ms. Francine Paladino EMAIL
STEM Elementary Dr. Carol Smyth EMAIL

  Ajello, Diana EMAIL
  Axelrod, Rachel EMAIL
  Basile, Martha EMAIL
  Belucci, Steve EMAIL
  Berg, Carmen EMAIL
  Bernesby, Jennine EMAIL
  Brenner, Marissa EMAIL
  Bucca, Sandra EMAIL
  Burden, Ann Marie EMAIL
  Cai, Jingwen EMAIL
  Cirella, Jodi EMAIL
  Capobianco, Mike EMAIL
  Cherry, Kevin EMAIL
  Collins, Shari EMAIL
  D'Amico, Brynn EMAIL
  De Dona, Anne EMAIL
  DeAlbuquerque, Christine EMAIL
  DeCurtis, Grace EMAIL
  Derasmo, Theresa EMAIL
  Ellenbogen, Cindy EMAIL
  Falco, Pat EMAIL
  Fern, Arlene EMAIL
  Fox, Meryl EMAIL
  Frank, Nancy EMAIL
  Giorgianni, Kerri EMAIL
  Goldberg, Janet EMAIL
  Gotta, Lauren EMAIL
  Greenberg, Dayna EMAIL
  Healy, Heather EMAIL
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  Horstmann, Caryn EMAIL
  Huang, Wei EMAIL
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  Innella, Denise EMAIL
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  Irving, Pat EMAIL
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  Kemp, Bob EMAIL
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  Klion, Linda EMAIL
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  Kozlowski, Aaron EMAIL
  LeMonda, Jovanna EMAIL
  Leonard, Karen EMAIL
  Liberman, Heather EMAIL
  Loring, Allison EMAIL
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  Matarese, Jennifer EMAIL
  Miller, Dean EMAIL
  Muth, Gloria EMAIL
  Neveroski, Madhavi EMAIL
  Osman, Pam EMAIL
  Papa, Vinny EMAIL
  Pillich, Tara EMAIL
  Pitman, Krista EMAIL
  Post, Alicia EMAIL
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